Backlog with de rigueur Bad Pictures

Since we’re now officially in the season of Advent, go check out Leslie Harpold’s wonderful online interactive Advent Calendar. We are really enjoying it this year and my daughter loves to do the activities each day.

Now, on to the bad pictures from last week.

First, I give you two snow chickens. The gals have taken to hanging out under the birdfeeder-even though they are four times bigger than all the other birds:

Second, here are the Fetching gloves I made (they are a soft green–although you can’t tell from the picture):

Yarn: Lush from Classic Elite Yarns (50% angora, 50% wool)
Color: #4474, Keys Green

Third, Shedir from the Knitty devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness (it doesn’t look at all like the lavender color it is):

Yarn: Cashsoft DK from Rowan (57% merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere)
Color: #502, Bella Donna

Finally, Father and Son socks from Interweave Knits, Fall 2006 (made out of Koigu) for Girlfriend:

With a tad more detail (and yes, this is the same colorway):

Yesterday I made a fruitcake! Bad pictures, soon!

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