We have dear friend named Bear. He is one of the most generous wonderful people we know. And, at the age of 49, he had a stroke on Sunday. In the process of doing tests to figure out what happened, the doctors found an aneurysm in his brain. Apparently, they can’t treat the stroke the way they’d like to because of the aneurysm. And, his left side is affected and he can’t speak well and they can’t stop more paralysis until they figure out what to do with the aneurysm. As a man of many talents, he is a musician with the band Barking Monkey. And having a left side that won’t work will affect his guitar playing, to say the least. We are sad and scared for him. Please hold him in your thoughts and send good energy into the universe for him.

On a light side: his daughter, who is the same age as my daughter (6), asked her mom last night what she should tell her classmates about the “uterus” in her dad’s brain. Uh, that would be an “aneurysm” honey…

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  1. marti says

    I hope they come up with a treatment plan soon. Maybe the stroke was a blessing in that they found the aneurisym!

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