Dude, I Think My Basement Floated By

Yikes! It is raining like crazy and windy as all get out. Before living in Seattle, I never thought of wind as a real weather event all by itself. But here it’s a heavy duty thing at times. Yesterday we had severe gale force winds and they are predicting the same for tonight. When I was working on my Ph.D. in the winter of 1993 I remember looking outside and seeing roof tiles and gutters flying off of people’s houses. I expected Dorothy’s house fly by. Ever since it has been called the Inaguration Day storm. Now I don’t see any houses or house parts flying by, but my basement is a wreck from all the water being blown against the house and seeping into it. I need a paddleboat to do the laundry.

Of course, we are all thinking of summer. I give you a poem, written by Girlfriend (spelling corrected for publication):

Summer Days

When the winds blow and the sun shines
When the leaves turn green,
When the sun gets hot,
When the children play outdoors,
When the fruits are ripe,
When the days are long and the sun stays high in the sky,
It is summer.

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