And a Hippo Gnu Dear! *

by Jeanne on January 4, 2007

Happy new year! I hope this year finds you happy and healthy.

Things are buzzing along here at Four Chickens. Girlfriend started school this week and DH went back to work, so we’re slowly getting back into the routine. My New Year’s resolution is to walk more. Knitting a lot makes one quite a slug. So, I’ve joined Runagogo–started by a knitter–which has a goal of walking/running/crawling 100 miles before April 1st. We have a lake nearby that is 2.8 miles around, so if I walk it regularly, it should be easy to reach that goal. I did it today and found that 2.8 miles equals about 5700 steps on the pedometer. Who knew? My only question is: how to get in the other 4300 steps that you’re supposed to walk for the healthy 10,000 steps a day goal?

I am busily finishing my various knitting projects. I finished Martha by putting on the buttons. I’m actually in the last 12 rows of the Peace Shawl. All that’s lagging behind is Saranac–sewing the zipper in involves sewing, so it’s a sure bet it won’t get done for a long time… Pictures someday.

On my walk yesterday I saw 2 blue herons standing in the water. They are just beautiful creatures. The zoo is nearby and the herons go over to the zoo at penquin feeding time to score some fish and then they come back to the lake to hang out. A pretty sweet life, I would say.

*More apologies to Sandra Boynton


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