Walking Around the Lake With Sam

Well, I’ve walked around our local lake three times this week. That means 2.8 miles per day. Yay! It’s interesting because I run into lots of people I know. And, today I saw a bald eagle (whom I named Sam) flying around being chased by some crows and seagulls. Pretty bold for those guys to chase one of the foremost predators. But, the eagle dodged them and then landed in a tree and patiently waited until the other birds got tired of dive-bombing him (or her).

I’ve also been knitting and am so psyched that my peace shawl is almost done. I had gotten out of the habit of working on it these last several months, so I kind of out it on my list of things that will never get finished. But, I’m hoping to finish it this weekend!

Apparently we are getting another wind/rain storm tonight. So, I’m preparing the candles and flashlights again…

Just a little check in post. Sorry for the boring factor…

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