Girlfriend has a violin recital on Saturday. Just recently she’s been complaining that her nice shoes hurt her feet. So, I figured we go shoe shopping, find few shoes girlfriend liked, and have her pick her favorites.

It turns out that we can’t find any. And, we live in a big city. And I’ve called everyone who sells shoes to kids. The thing that makes me the most dismayed and puzzled is that little kids’s shoes have color seasons just like women’s shoes. So, a black Mary Jane style is not in season at the moment. If I wanted tan or white or pink or something, I could find a bunch of things (wait, isn’t white only OK after Memorial Day?). But, if I want black leather or patent leather I am “too late” according to one store, or “too early according to another store.

Apparently, my only option in the Seattle Metro area is to pay $72.00 for a pair of shoes (for my 8 year old!), that are a black ballet style from one store I called.

The ironic thing is that the salesperson at one of the stores asked if I was looking for “recital shoes.” I said yes. She said that “everyone” is coming in looking for black recital shoes. And they don’t have any.

I tried to order some online, but the two options I had were: “not available in your size” or “can’t send this expedited mail.”

Which begs the question: if “everyone” needs them now, why not stock them now? And when the heck did black Mary Janes ever have a season? And, why can’t I find a swimsuit in June, if we’re going to talk ridiculous?

So, I’m feeling annoyed and amused and disgusted all at the same time. Anyone have a pair of size 2 black Mary Janes that Girlfriend can borrow on Sat.?

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  1. Ginger says

    I hope you found your Mary Janes.

    The last 2 years I have gotten the kids heavy winter coats for 75% off, in January! Yay for me, but heck winter has just begun at that time. It baffles the mind.

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