The Sidewalk Won

I was walking home after SnB last night, minding my own business. when the sidewalk in front of my house rose up and attacked my face. I guess it just snapped after all those years of being walked all over. Luckily, I was able to escape with a bump on my head, a scraped nose and a wrenched hand. I count myself fortunate. I’ve heard of all sorts of awful things that happen to people who get on the wrong side of a sidewalk. Unfortunately, my glasses didn’t fair so well. The lenses were scratched beyond hope and the frame was bent. Luckily the sidewalk didn’t think to shove them in my eyes or anything. Yikes.

I’m not sure if I can still knit with this wonky hand, but I will try my hardest, you know I will. I’m currently knitting the Primavera Socks by S(t)ockinette that are making the rounds of Ravelry. It’s a nice, easy pattern that’s easy to memorize. They are much prettier than the picture would suggest. I’m knitting it in the recommended yarn, Zitron Trekking XXL:

And a gratuitous cuteness picture of the girls sleeping (except for Bellina who’s looking at the camera:

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  1. amanda says

    Oh noes!!! I am still bitter towards a particular intersection in the U District which gave me a skinned knee and a scar! So I guess I’m trying to say that sometimes bad sidewalks happen to good people. And this is the perfect excuse to get cute new glasses, right?
    Take care.

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