A Reminder to Slow Down

This week I’ve realized that I’m going too fast in too many directions at once. And the holiday season is upon us, which means that I’m all ready to go even faster in even more directions. But, I’ve realized, once again, that I need to slow down. I don’t do well with a frenetic pace.

This past week I’ve had two special events that required my full attention: one was an overnight visit from my dear friend, Sara, and another was attending a talk by Al Gore about his new book, Our Choice. Both of these things had been a long time in coming (I bought the Al Gore tickets in August!). But, by the time each of them happened, I was so stressed out and frazzled from the amount of work I had to do to get myself and my family ready for them that it took my half of my time during these events to actually calm down enough to enjoy them.

I know that it’s time to slow down when I start feeling like no one in my family is doing as much work as I am. This isn’t true. We are all busy and we are all doing a lot. It’s that I’ve not had enough time to sit and read, or sit and knit, or just sit, so I’ve lost all perspective of how crazy I’ve allowed my time to get.

So, this post is just to say, I’m taking it easy tonight.

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