NaBloPoMo and Me

So, you may have seen the new button in the right margin of this blog. I’m attempting to do the NaBloPoMo this month. This crazy acronym stands for National Blog Posting Month. The month of November has been set as the one in which to do a blog post each day. I’ve never felt inspired to do this in the past, but this year I’m going for it. Further, I have decided to have a theme of sorts for my posts–community and conviviality. I may run out of steam on either or both of these (as evidenced by my utter and complete failure to complete NaKniSweMoDo, even my own “lite” version–I knit exactly 1 sweater out of the 12–but we shall not speak of this), but I will try. I hope you will bear with me as a clumsily try to flesh out some of the thoughts I have on these topics and how they relate to my life.

Of course, I will continue to include gluten-free recipes–pie crust and graham crackers are coming soon! And I will explore my knitting every so often.

Wish me well on this journey. Eek.

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