Grilled Gluten-Free Pizza Demo Tomorrow–Join Me!

(photo by Valentina Vitols)

Hey folks! I will be doing a demonstration of my grilled gluten-free pizza tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm at the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market. I will be following the live taping of the Spilled Milk podcast by Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg.

Please come join us!

Note: The demo went splendidly!  Thank you to everyone who attended!  The photo above was taken by my friend Valentina Vitols, who is an amazing photographer.  As you can see, I know how to wield a knife–doesn’t that tomato look scared?

(photo by Valentina Vitols)

PS: While you’re on the QA Farmer’s Market website, check out the write-up of our Canning Across America canning demo from last week.  I’m the one in the blue t-shirt looking like she’s declaiming to her constituents.  Kim O’Donnel is the one in the cute pink hat.

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