My First Interview About the Book

Hey everyone!  I was delighted to give my first interview about the process of getting my cookbook deal with Chronicle Books  to Maggie Green over at My Kitchen Table.  You can read the interview here.   If you are interested in potentially writing a cookbook, you might find it interesting to read about one way how it might work.

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    • admin says

      Marynika: Thank you so much! And thanks for visiting! Isn’t Helene’s blog beautiful? I feel so lucky that she agreed to be the the stylist on the photos for my book–yay!

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    As one of the few people (very, very, few) who read Jeanne’s first book (her dissertation), I cannot wait to read this one! Entirely coincidently, a few days after hearing about Jeanne’s book deal, I was at my annual check-up and my doctor said, “I’d like you to try a Gluten-free diet for one month–you know, take a holiday from your eating habits.”
    “No, problem,” I said, “I know just the month!”
    “When?” he asked.
    “Fall 2012,” I said.
    “That’s eighteen months from now,” he objected.
    “Yes, but I’ll have my friend’s cookbook to help. It’s perfect!” I insisted. “You wanted me to take a holiday from Gluten and her cookbook is for holidays.”
    He agreed to postpone my gluten-free experiement till next year and I promised to get him a copy.
    So, hurry up and write, Jeanne!!

    • admin says

      Guy: LOL! This is awesome. I was just thinking the other day, who has actually read my dissertation other than me and my committee? I’m hoping the new cookbook has many more readers! Thanks so much for the support. And you know that I will always help you with gf recipes, my friend…:)

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    What a lovely interview. I can relate to so much of what you said about the process. Having just released a cookbook of my own, in some ways the release itself has been more consuming than the proposal and manuscript writing were. I wonder if you’ll feel similarly. Anyway, thank you for giving the interview. With so many food blogs these days, it will surely be useful to many.
    Warm regards,

    • admin says

      Nicole: Thank you so much! It’s good to hear from other authors about their process. I am excited to go look at your book now!

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    Jeanne: Once again, mucho congratulations on your cookbook. I am so proud of you and the interview is just great. I shall be thinking of you during this journey. The best of luck. Sallie

  4. says

    Fantastic Interview and I cannot wait to see the book published. I know it will be a hit as you seem to have so many amazing recipes and ideas.

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    Hi Jeanne,
    Your interview is beautiful, honest, and encouraging. I hope aspiring cookbook authors find it informative as well. I wish you all the best with the writing process. Based on your blog, you’ll do great, and I can’t wait to see your cookbook in print.

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