Gluten-Free On-Line Chat, Thursday, May 19th, 10PST/1EST

Hey folks!   Just wanted to let you know that I will be participating in Kim O’Donnel’s Culinate Table Talk chat!  Jules Shepard, John Forberger, and I will be chatting about and answering questions about gluten-free eating.  Join us! Details:

Thursday, May 19
10-11 PST/1-2 EST
Table Talk with Kim O’Donnel

Just click the link above and then scroll down and click on the chat screen. Then give yourself a name for the chat (I usually use “Jeanne in Seattle”) and then you’re ready to go!

Hope to “see” you there!

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  1. Susie says

    Ha!! You are way ahead of me! I have had this for years – but only found out there was a name for it this winter. I have found that sometimes I can eat certain fruits and sometimes I can’t… it makes it very tricky! I do find that the sensitivity is directly related to how bad my allergies have been – ie in spring hayfever season, I avoid almost all fruit; but in the winter I can be a bit more brave.

    Mine is also different from yours in that for me – bananas, melons, grapes, oranges (and more) are fine… but I can’t even look at a kiwi, apple, peaches, cherries (most summer fruits!! sigh) and sometimes I have troubles with carrots and snow peas. Pretty hard to get your proper servings of fruits and veg when you can’t eat most of them!!

    Anyway, sorry to have repeated what you already new, but I was so excited to find out it had a name – I have been telling everybody!

    • admin says

      Susie: No problems! I was so happy to know what it was, too! Also, I have read that some things are OK peeled but not OK withe the peel on–like apples. I haven’t tried an experiment yet, though…And you are right–I am more reactive when I am having bad pollen allergies. That makes total sense!

  2. Susie says

    Hey there, I was just reading Gluten Free Girls twitter… and saw your twitter about raw cucumber (which lead me to read the others about other raw fruit). I have this same thing (I think). It is apparently called Oral Allergy Syndrome – it is NOT a food allergy, it is related to hayfever! Look it up, there is a bit more info out there than there used to be! Good luck with it – it sucks!

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