I’m On Book Tour! Next Stop: Portland, OR

My book is officially out!  This means it’s starting to appear on bookstore shelves and you can order it online.  See my Book page for all of the ordering options.  I had an East Coast launch party and a West Coast launch party (more about these in another post).  The birth of my book baby has been thoroughly feted and I feel so lucky and proud!   And it’s getting very good reviews–extra yay!  It even got an notable mention on Eater.com’s Fall Cookbook and Food Book Preview (It’s under Pastries/Bakeries/Sweets).

I am learning so much.  Who knew that promoting a book required so much learning?  I now have a Square thingy that goes on my iPad and allows me to take credit cards and sell my book at venues that aren’t stores (I had no idea that selling books myself would be such a huge part of this process).  I have perfected a signature tag line for when I sign books.   I have a favorite Sharpie type that I like to use for signing and that is now always in my purse (extra fine point).  I am learning that no question is too weird for people to ask (“Is your book pretty?”  “Are your recipes good?”  “Is your book good for the holidays?”)

I am also getting organized about packing and traveling (I am a Sagittarius, so traveling is my blood).  I have a fold up trolley that fits in my new book tour suitcase that is the Baby Bear of the luggage world–not to small and not too big.  The trolley is a must because it enables me to drag boxes of books all over the place–even onto the Amtrak train between DC and VA, where you’re apparently not supposed to be dragging cardboard boxes of books (oops).  I now have packing cubes (which are brilliant) that I learned about on Seventeeth and Irving (go check out her site–I’m loving it).  I know how to pack baking ingredients so that I can bake when I get where I’m going (put them in pre-measured amounts in double zip-lock bags in a packing cube).  I have a host/ess gift that I love to give to those who are kind enough to let me stay at their houses.  I know to pack strapping tape and packing tape to re-tape the boxes of leftover books to send home.

I have gluten-free snacks I pack for the plane (home-made trail mix of toasted pecans with home-dried fruit and dark chocolate M+Ms; travel packs of hummus, and travel packs of almond butter).   I know that there are a zillion other options for snacks, but this snack collection is the best I have found for me.  Because of my Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS), I can’t eat raw fruits or vegetables, which really cramps my snacking style.  And I don’t like and usually can’t tolerate commercial energy bars–my body rebels against them.  If I have the time, I also like to pack a batch of Cheese Crackers from my book—it’s like having home-made Cheese-Its and they have some protein.

I have my carry-on routine set for the plane–which does not include my suitcase.  Trying to drag even a small suitcase through the plane and hope for space in an an overhead bin is too stressful for me.  So, I check my suitcase and carry on my purse and a backpack.  My purse contains: purse-stuff, my iPad, my phone, and my Square thingy; and a lightweight backpack that contains: my snacks, a knitting project (currently I have Zoom-Zoom socks on my needles), my book to bake from and to show people–I always manage to sit next to people who are gluten-free–my fake pashima scarf that is so comfy and warm and serves as a shawl, scarf, or blanket depending on my needs, and a water bottle that I get after I go through security.  This backpack also folds up into a little change purse-sized packet.  This means I can empty it after I arrive at my destination and fold it up and put in my purse until I need to get back on another plane.

My friends ask me: “Can you believe it?”  You have a book that is published!  I say, “No!  I can’t believe it!”  Even when I’m signing books, it feels a little surreal.  I’ve now signed about 3 boxes worth of books and I still can’t believe my good fortune!

My next stop is Portland, OR next weekend.  Come see me!!  Details:

Gluten-Free Holiday Food Fair
Saturday, October 27th, 11-3
Mittleman Jewish Community Center (bring ID for security at the door)


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  1. Rebecca Valtonen says

    Hi again, I’ve been following your blog for a while, it gives me inspiration for something edible and different. Sourcing the flours proved to be difficult here in deepest France, but i recently found an Asian supermarket in a town about 1 1/2 hours from us where i could get it all in one go!!! They probably thought i was mad buying so many bags of so many flours at once. What a difference it has made to our cooking. Living in the country in France is not easy for (gluten free) shopping, but thank goodness for the internet. and you. Thanks again

    • admin says

      Rebecca: Thanks for letting me know that you finally found the flours! And I’m so glad that my site has been helpful–yay!!

  2. Linda J-H says

    This is a great book! I love it! I can’t find a schedule for your book tour. Is there one published somewhere that I am overlooking? Will you be in the Denver area?

    • admin says

      Linda: I don’t have plans to come to the Denver area yet–but I will try! Also, my book tour events are under the “Book” button at the top of my site! :)

  3. Rebecca Valtonen says

    Hi Jeanne, I pre-ordered your book from Amazon in France and it got to be me a week ago. I LOVE IT. i’ve made chocolate chip cookies and thumbprint cookies twice so far and today made a cake as well. I love that the cookies taste just like shortbread. And not like gluten free at all.
    Thank you for the effort you have put in to helping our lives be a little brighter and tastier!
    (I admit to putting in only 1/4 of the quantity of chocolate chips from your recipe – is that an american thing to have SO much chocolate or is there is a typo in the recipe list?) Already i have so many people i want to give it to for Xmas.
    Good luck with your book tour, maybe you’ll come to France one day!

    • admin says

      Rebecca: Greetings! And I’m so glad you like the book and the recipes! And no, the amount of chocolate chips is not a type–that’s what makes it so delicious (I am a chocoholic). But I am glad that you felt free to reduce the amount of chocolate to your tastes–that’s what I hope people should do!

      And I would love to come to France some day!! Happy baking!

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