Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so much to be grateful for this year. And you, my readers, are part of that. I love the comments and chats we have here. I am thrilled to hear about your successes with my recipes. I appreciate when you share your failures with me so we can figure out what went wrong together. I am reassured to know that you have my back and let me know when I forget to include an ingredient or a method in a recipe. And most of all, I love being able to share my baking with you and know that in turn, you are sharing it with your family and friends. Thank you for being there and being part of this site with me! I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Also, shameless bragging: my book and the recipe for my cut out cookies are on the PBS Kids site today! Yay!!

(image from www.orble.com/sylvias-free-art-stuff/b4/vintage-clip-art/)

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