One of the Top 25 Cookbooks of the Year!

I just found out that my book was included as one of the Top 25 Cookbooks of the Year by The Daily Meal!  Wow!  I was just cruising through Twitter, minding my own business, when I clicked on the link to see what books were on the list.  The usual folks were there: Thomas Keller, Ina Garten, Nick Malgieri, me–you know, all of the big food folks…wait!  Back up!  What??  Me???  Really?  OMG.

I am so happy and excited!  Thanksgiving came early for me this year!!  *Happy Dance*

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    Just had to stop by here, too, Jeanne, to say how very excited I am for you to receive this honor! Anyone who has taken even a peek at your book knows that the honor is well deserved, too. Love that your book appears first in the slideshow on The Daily Meal site! And what a lovely Thanksgiving gift, too. :-)


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