Thank you so much for your interest!!  I am honored that you’re here.  And thank you for checking here first instead of sending me a random email.  Here are some of my current policies/thoughts:

Advertising on my site: I might be interested in advertising on my site at some point.  I spend a lot of time working on and researching for my site and it would be nice to get some revenue going to pay for that work.  But this would be for a monthly fee–not in exchange for a freebie from a company.

Participating in your giveaway: No thank you.  I do very, very few giveaways and those that I do I choose and pay for myself.

Reviewing things: No thank you.  I don’t like doing reviews–even in exchange for a freebie.   Please assume that I’m not interested in reviewing your product.

Having Guest Bloggers/Posts on my site: No thank you.  I produce all of my content.  I do not accept guest posts.

Link Exchanges: No thank you.  I don’t do random link exchanges.

Participating in your contest: no thank you.  I don’t do contests.

Replies from me: If you do not hear from me within 72 hours of contacting me, please take that as a polite decline.

If you still want to contact me, my email address is: artofgfbaking (AT) earthlink (DOT) net

Thank you!!


Questions on how to troubleshoot recipes or substitute ingredients?  Check the Baking Tips/FAQs page before emailing me.  Many of your questions will be answered there.

Have a recipe you’d like me to create or adapt?  (1/1/14): Normally, I am happy to help.  But right now I am in the middle of writing my next cookbook, so I don’t have the time to devote to this that I usually do.  Feel free to ask, but I can’t guarantee that I can help.  I will let you know when things free up for me. :)

Contact me at:

artofgfbaking (AT) earthlink (DOT) net

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t make me jump through hoops to answer you.  I won’t be able answer to email addresses that require me to login and answer a bunch of questions to prove I’m not a spammer.




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